Friday, April 5, 2013

A NEW HOME- By:Adrienne Fay

For those of you who have visited our Hot Licks Seaport Village location you know that it is a tiny little store (no bigger that a postage stamp). Recently we moved to a larger store at Seaport Village which is exciting, but those of us who have worked at Hot Licks,forever will miss our little store.
Our tiny little store was home for 17 years
The old store was literally packed to the rafters with hot sauces, and other spicy foods.  For over 17 years we have served our customers closely and loved every minute of it!  We spent our days giving out samples of hot sauces, warning tall customers to watch the low hanging displays, and balancing hot sauces from rafters.  It has all become second nature to us. 
We wighed the pros and cons while making the decission to move the store, but really there where too many pros! Heck, we would have a backroom! we could give out samples without standing in the doorway! AND THE SPACE!   For 17 years the staff have become very close, I mean REALLY CLOSE, when the old store got busy we often stood shoulder to shoulder just to get in one more customer.  Of course there is also the added value to the customer, We envision expanding the Barbecue and hot sauce selections as well as adding new items.  The only Con was the comfort of our old home.  
New Store, Hot Sauce Section
New sample bar
As you can imagine, it is not easy moving all those bottles of hot sauce.  We choose to stock the store as if we where opening somewhere new, from scratch. The store was painted, Two refrigerators installed and new cabinets where built and moved in. Product was priced and shelved, and supplies where placed where they are needed.  After the fist weekend we slowly moved the remaining merchandise and as of today we are DONE! We shed a little tear for our tiny store as it is a bit like leaving home for the fist time. So far, many of you who have stopped by have commented that you like the new store and all the space.  It will take the staff and I some time to get used to the layout and such (Years of stocking the same store makes some hard habits to break).  If you have not had time to stop by please stop in and see our new home.
So what's next?  Many of you have asked when we will open our store on Pier 39 (San Francisco). Things are moving forward, but over the years I have learned that these things take time (there are an amazing number of details and red tape when opening a new store).  But,these last few weeks where great practice for our trip up the coast.  

This Blog was written by Adrienne Fay, Merchandise Manager for Hot Licks.

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